Aug 10

AUG 2 – SEPT 11/ Art Bazaar

The squares and fools have left my studio for an art bazaar at B ART Gallery, Toronto. It’s an eclectic show of painting, photography, glass and sculpture. The gallery’s mandate is to showcase work that is ‘provocative and edgy created in the fusion between art and design’.

Not only did I attend the opening to meet colleagues, but I wanted to satisfy a curiosity. With sixteen artists exhibiting, did the squares and fools have a proper presence? Indeed, they did.

The Squares, a series of 23 miniature oil paintings, hang casually on one wall. Had someone alerted me to entertaining such scale of work, I would have drowned their words with uproarious laughter. Undeniably, a spell is cast in this world of tininess; wherein lies a delicacy and minuteness of complexity. Bounded in this 2 inch square, space is transfigured.

Around the corner, 3 framed subjects from The Fool’s Paradise suite (acrylic on paper) are poised in orderly sequence upon the whitewashed wall.

The show closes Oct 9th. To find out more about B Art Gallery, visit www.bartgallery.ca

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