Dec 18

About Krakow: Post Scriptum

The exhibition of works by 17 international artists opens this week at Galeria Labirynt No. 2 in Krakow, Poland. I am very excited to be taking part in this show, which takes place in my ancestral homeland. It also signals a move towards international collaborations and exhibitions. I would like to acknowledge funding support form the Ontario Arts Council, an agency of the Government of Ontario.


Opening:  Friday, December 7th at 19.00 hours
 Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej Labirynt No. 2
 Brzozowa St. 9/1
 Krakow, Poland










Oct 17

A New Collaborative Workshop

Visual Explorations and Embodiment


Constructivist Artist/Instructor, Ina Puchala, and Movement Installation Artist, Cristina Lella lead this innovative and highly participatory workshop that will nurture new modes of expression and focus on how art is from and of the body. Connections will be drawn to participants’ current or planned projects and these will be developed as expressions of the body, of gesture and of movement.

The 2-day workshop is scheduled for October 13th and 14th. Starts at 6pm on Friday evening. NRCC is asking for a $40 donation towards the production and presentation of this professional arts workshop. We will be meeting at:

Suite 14, 176 Lakeshore Drive, North Bay ON P1A 2A8

Dec 15

Milkweed’s Kreativ U-Turn Apprenticeship Project

Ina Puchala

Explorers in the Unknown

Nov 15

Directing a Milkweed Collective Apprenticeship Project

Kreativ U-turn Apprenticeship ProjectKreativ U-Turn Apprenticeship Project
by The Milkweed Collective
Produced in  partnership with The City of Toronto’s Cultural Hotspot

This year found me fully engaged as Director of an exciting new venture by The Milkweed Collective to train 7 emerging artists (18-24 yrs) in the creative imagination (Exploring Creativity in Depth® (ECiD) and then set them out into the community to design and direct summer arts programming, followed by the production of a finale multimedia exhibition & performance during Culture Days. It’s been a privilege to work with Austin Clarkson, Director of the Milkweed Collective, and with a team of 3 senior Milkweed staff and 7 very talented emerging artists.

The project proved so successful that the City offered the Milkweed Collective a Legacy Project which supports continued mentoring of 7 emerging artists, who have now formed the KUT 7  collective. KUT 7 is presently offering two Winter Arts Camps and planning for 2 more during March Break in selected Etobicoke libraries.


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